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New Technologies… Old Fashioned Customer Service

 Home Theater Technologies is here to help you!

HTT has answers for every scenario, every room, and every application.


Nothing is Left to Guesswork…

Why settle for less than expert design? Our experienced staff will help you understand each component required for the system.


Ease of Use…

No more annoying stacks of multiple remote controls. A single, integrated controller allows simple, easy to understand control of the entire system.


Save Time, Save Money…

We’ll save you hours spent shopping & we will educate you with the information you need. Contact us today and let Home Theater Technologies show you just how affordable a spine tingling home theater experience can be!


Contact Info

  • 6100 Colleyville Blvd Ste. 140
  • Colleyville Tx 76034
  • Office: 817-379-9901
  • Fax: 817-379-9905
  • Sales@homewiresolutions.com


Service 1

Providing a structured wiring program for any new home builder. We know an understand the benefit of proper low voltage in a modern home. Our sales and design staff can provide that helping hand to develop the best structured wiring package for your home.

Service 2

HTT provides products and services from some of the top AV and Networking manufactures in the world. We want to make sure that your system is one of a kind and gives you that world class home experience.

Service 3

As a sister company Essential Security can help you protect your investment. There is no better feeling than knowing your family, your home and your investment is protected.  Please reach out to our sales staff to get more information.

Contact and Careers

If you have questions, about our services, or if you are interested in applying for a position. Please fill out form below. If you are leaving a resume, please attach to this Post. Thank you.



If you have questions, about our services. Please fill out form below. Thank you.


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- 6100 Colleyville Blvd - Suite #140 - Colleyville Tx. 76034


Phone: 817-379-9901 FAX: 817-379-9905 EMAIL: Sales@homewiresolutions.com
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